Dear Scout Friend!
In the questionnaire below we research the international camping habits. Those assisting us and filling it will receive guaranteed prizes. Thank you for your help!

1. Which country are you from?

2. If you go abroad with your scouts, what kind of accomodation do you usually choose?

Youth hostel
Nomadic campsite in the wild
Scout centre
Free accomodation, "sleeping on the floor"

3. If you choose a scout centre, which factor do you consider? (multiple answer is possible)

Geographic location of the site (country, region)
Services provided by the centre (activities, guided tours/hikes etc.)
Events organised at the site (jamboree, special camp activities etc.)

4. How much do you tend to spend on one tent’s price?

0-3 Euros
3-6 Euros
6-9 Euros
Even more than 9 Euros

5. Do you usually also ask for food together with the accomodation?

Breakfast only
Breakfast and warm dinner
Breakfast, warm lunch and cold dinner
Warm lunch only
Warm dinner only
None, we arrange it for ourselves

6. How much do you tend to use the activity possibilities offered by the site? (multiple answer is possible)
Mainly depends on the price
We tend to try what they have to offer
This changes site by site
We use the scout centres only for accomodation

7. What kind of activities are you happy to take part at? (multiple answer is possible)

Extreme: wallclimbing, adventure park, quad, go-kart, caving etc.
Sport activities: horse-riding, biking, shooting, archery, canoeing etc.s
Freetime activities: bathing, zoo, amusement park
Creative activities: robot or drone construction, pioneering, building structures from wood etc.
Freetime activities: bathing, zoo, amusement park
Traditional scout activities: campfires, hikes, scout games etc.

8. Do you plan to visit in mid-term (in the next 2 years) to visit Central Europe’s newest scout centre, the Sztrilich Pal Scout Park, located in Budapest, Hungary?


9. Please provide your e-mail address to make us possible to inform you about the scout programmes organised in Budapest next year (maximum 1 e-mail per month). This is a condition of receiving the prize :)